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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 14, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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as for those promised medical reports, the gop nominee told us he'd make public. his campaign aides now say we won't see them today but soon. it's now donald trump's charitable foundation that could be on shaky ground. the new york attorney general opening a formal inquiry into the organization. campaign officials dismissing questions about the way the foundation raises and spends its money. meanwhile, team clinton already out with a new a and the campaign in chief taking it head on. >> family foundation has saved countless lives around the world. the other candidate's foundation took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a six-foot tall painting of himself. >> we'll also tell you what former secretary of state colin powell had to say about both
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candidates and it's pretty candid. the best political team in the business is on duty this morning. let us start with nbc's katie tur who is covering the trump campaign for us. let's talk about the medical records and what's going on. what do we know? >> i talked to the campaign on monday and they said the medical records was going to come out this week. now we're hearing, quote, soon, so it's unclear if that means this week any longer. we also asked, you know, when did he have his physical. they said last week. what city? what doctor did he see? we've gotten radio silence on that. we were led to believe there would be some sort of revealing of his physical examination results on dr. oz which is taping today, tomorrow. apparently donald trump didn't know what those results were going to be but dr. oz was going to get them beforehand and reveal them and then talk about them. then dr. oz says i'm not going
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to ask any questions that donald trump doesn't want asked. and then now this mshing we are fining out he will not be discussing results of his physical on dr. oz but rather a general well being. raising the question what happened in the last 48 hours that made this change. were we all under an incorrect assumption to begin with. this is very much like the campaign in general where they give you one answer one day and another answer the next day. and there's a lot of -- or a lack of transparency. it does feed into this idea that donald trump is just not transparent, period. >> let's remind viewers and listeners precisely how we got here. this is what donald trump said two days ago, the morning after we learned what hillary clinton's diagnosis was. here it is. >> i actually took a physical last week and will probably -- i guess this next we announce the results of it, they come in. i did pretty much the whole
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deal. because i think we should. i think we should do that. >> but to be clear, when we've asked again the trump campaign about when and where this physical took place, we've got nothing. >> no, we've got nothing. we asked his doctor who wrote that letter saying that donald trump was in extraordinary health and that he would be the healthiest individual to ever hold the white house, if he was the doctor, and he responded to us in italian that he couldn't talk about it. so i don't know if it was that doctor or if it was another doctor. it's unclear also when they do release medical information what exactly they're going to release. is it just going to be the results of a physical. when you talk to doctors, they say while it's interesting, frankly, it's just a snapshot in time. it doesn't give you the full medical picture of a person's health. you need medical history. you need to find out if somebody has had past surgeries. a family history of cancer. has there been any irregular
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ekgs. why is this important to know? maybe not important to know, craig melvin, because you are sitting behind an anchor desk every day, not that that's also important. but this is somebody who's a 70-year-old man and she's in her late 60s also. they're both vying to have the most important office in this country, potentially one of the most important offices in the world, is a high-stress job. take a look at how presidents age in the eight years, four to eight years. they age double the amount of time that regular people, regular civilians do. that is because this is a round the clock, high-stakes, lives on the line, international peace on the line job. you need to know you have the ability to, frankly, survive it, weather it. >> and he would be, we should probably note this, he would be the oldest president elected in modern history should he win in november. another developing story. stick around please. halle jackson joining us from north canton, ohio. halle, there is this open
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inquiry into donald trump's charitable foundation, the way it spins money, the way it raises money. what do we know about that? >> right what it spends money on, where does that money go to. this is coming from the attorney general up there in new york, a democrat, we should note who has tangled with trump in the past over for example trump university. a source close to this inquiry tells nbc news the office is looking into what it calls troubling transactions. look at the "washington post" reporting that has come out. showing there are apparently trump foundation donations that are not from trump himself. trump hasn't donated to his own charity since '08. largely it is other people's money going towards these other arms. making these donations. there's some questions about what this money is spent on. "the post" raising questions about this $20,000 that was apparently spent on a six foot tall portrait of donald trump himself. so these are the questions that are work looked into by the office.
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which by the way had been looking into an issue a donation that was made by the trump foundation to the attorney general's office in florida right around the time that pam bondi's office was considering but ultimately did not pursue an investigation into trump university. both bondi and trump have denied any wrongdoing in that case but trump had to pay an irs penalty tax to the tax agency because of this. so a lot of question marks being raised about this. what is the trump campaign's response? that this is all politics. they're pointing to the history he has with trump. they're saying this is essentially a left wick issue to try to help hillary clinton. the question is what happens now. and what questions will the trump campaign answer about this. remember, releasing, we talk about transparency. you and katie just had that discussion about it. if donald trump were to release those tax records, a lot of those questions could be cleared up. >> it appears as if not even all of those questions will be cleared up. >> right, it would be a start.
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>> i want to make sure we get the trump campaign statement on the screen here to be fair. attorney general eric snyderman is a partisan hack who has turned a blind eye to the clint foundation for years. this is nothing more than another left wing hit job designed to distract from crooked hillary's disastrous week. we should note this is not a criminal investigation. can you explain the difference between this inquiry and the full-blown criminal investigation? >> the language is important. the attorney general was out this morning talking about this. when he was asked, he kind of split the middle and said we're looking into it so call it what you will. it is not a criminal investigation. it is a probe, if you will. there has been some correspondents between the attorney general's office and the trump campaign about this. we've been told and the attorney general has said there's been other correspondence.
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but not a criminal investigation at this point. >> halle jackson for us in ohio. katie tur here. if you get some new information, katie tur, please pop back into the studio. >> you got it. >> you as well, halle jackson, thank you. the clinton family charitable foundation been in the news for recent questions over for donations, access provided between the state department of hillary clinton and the foundati foundation's top donors. no criminal investigations or inquiries have been opened into those allegations. this morning, the clinton campaign out with this web video slamming donald trump. >> take florida a.j. pam bondi thousands. she cashed the check, blocked the case and he tried to cover up the donation. >> nbc's kristen welker is in chappaqu a, newrk, outside the clinton home.
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i would imagine campaign offs there are almost giddy over this inquiry, kristen. >> i think that's a fair assessment. secretary clinton surrogates couldn't pounce fast enough. president obama slamming donald trump and his foundation. you heard him in that sound bite you played at the top, criticizing him for buying a six-foot photo with the foundation's money. he said at least he had the dignity not to buy a ten-foot photo. it's a little bit of a preview of what you can expect to see on the trail in coming days. based on my conversations with campaign officials, they are going to be really hitting this point a lot in the coming days. they point to the fact that, look, while there's been smoke around the clinton foundation as you point out, there's never been an actual inquiry open and they think these questions vournding donald trump right now fit around the broader narrative, that trump is essentially a fraud. so that's what we can expect to
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hear from secretary clinton when she does return to the trail tomorrow, craig. of course when you think about the controversies looming over secretary clinton's campaign, you think about e-mails, you think about the clinton foundation, and of course if you look at the actual polls, donald trump has a higher unfavorable rating in most polls. about if they can neutralize this issue, the campaign thinks this can give them final momentum in the final weeks, craig. >> any word on her condition? how's she doing? >> well, the campaign says she's getting better every day. tomorrow, she's going to have a pretty busy day. she has one stop in greensboro. then to washington, d.c. for the congressional hispanic caucus dinner. then on friday, another event. and a very big event saturday night. the congressional black caucus dinner. a busy couple of days. the campaign saying they are
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expected to release more information about her medical information in the next day or two. they will insist it has no broader issue. >> kristen welker, thanks. news about hacked e-mails involving former secretary of state colin powell. in messages first obtained by buzz feed and one later con firmfirm confirmed by nbc news, powell takes on both of the presidential candidates. questioning president obama's birthplace. he also takes issue with hillary clinton's private e-mail server as well. nbc's peter alexander. what does the forrer secretary say, peter? >> craig, in very simple terms, this is a far-star general who served beneath three republican presidents. he has very sharp cystism for donald trump. also real frustrations aimed at the clinton campaign.
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he referred in some of these e-mails as a national disgrace. here's another one speak particularly about that topic, of the birther movement. it says in part, yep, the whole birther movement was racist. that's what the believe. when trump couldn't keep that up, he said he wanted to see if the certificate noted that he was a muslim. as i have said before, what if he was, muslims are born as americans every day. but also in the course of some of these other e-mails that were exchanged with various reporters, with friends, with political advisers, he, in effect, says that the clinton campaign was trying to drag him in to this personal e-mail server scandal. expresses real foundation about that. and basically says the circumstances were very different than what she is doing now and it would have been very easy for her to have ended this right away. he's frustrated with the clinton
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campaign minions as he describes them in the course of these e-mails, craig. >> i want to bring in political analyst rick tyler, foreigner spo former spokesman for ted cruz's political campaign. let us start with the news of the hour. a lot of folks under the impression that donald trump would be talking about his medical records with dr. oz, which was odd in and of itself. when we first heard, we were, like, why would he do that. we learn a short time ago that's not the case. >> right. >> you're plugged in. i don't want to feed into some sort of fringe idea about donald trump's health. but i do want to ask you if there are concerns in your circle about donald trump's physical well being. >> well, you really have to have a doctor's opinion about this. this is what happened. donald trump went on an interview and, typical donald trump, he sort of pretempted himself by saying he had this great physical, they went
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through everything and he was going to release that shortly. and then i'm not sure where it originated that it was going to be released on dr. oz. mine guess is dr. oz probably himself wanted to back out of this. i think it would be a little odd to have him as a doctor who didn't personally examine trump to go through his medical records. he'd be looking at things like a cbc, complete blood count, cholesterol, the heart murmur condition, blood pressure, all those kinds of things. i just think he probably didn't want to do that as a medical professional on the air. that's my guess. that's speculation. >> no, i get it. >> i don't have any other explanation for it other than that. >> well, that's as good of an explanation as we've gotten so far. another four-star general, former secretary of state, still garners a wide swath of respect in a political comment where there's not a lot of folks left who can garn they're kind of
7:15 am
respect. how much sway though does even a guy like colin powell still have among a very small group of the electorate who remain undecided? i'm talking about maybe nine people in florida and ohio. >> we, gives some people pause. as you say, colin powell's very well respected on the republican side. he served his country admirably. he served under three different administrations, all republican administrations. but i think he's well respected on both sides. and, you know, he himself was speculated to be a presidential candidate at one time. he didn't run, but certainly would have been qualified to run. so when he has this sharp criticism of donald trump, that's got to get some people's attention. >> this news today on the trump foundation that the new york ag has opened this inquiry into the organization, "the washington post" piece, saying most of the charity's money comes from folks not named trump. why aren't folks in his circle telling the candidate he could
7:16 am
probably go far in squashing some of these stories by just putting out the tax returns? >> because i think there's something in the tax returns he didn't want them to see. for instance, maybe he -- who knows, maybe he deducted the $25,000 that the charity gave to pam bondi in florida who's running for ag. that's an illegal contribution. would have been illegal for him to claim it as a tax deduction. i'm not saying he did that. i suspect there are thingingss his tax return like perhaps he didn't pay taxes or perhaps he hasn't given any money to charities since 2008 when he last contributed to his organization. or perhaps he gets financing through foreign sources. particularly people would be concerned about the ukraine and russia. he should release his taxes. he should release some taxes at least the ones that aren't under audit to give people some assurance that he is not compromised, the next president of the united states, and he hasn't done that, i don't expect
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he will. >> thank you, sir. colin powell, top democrats, multiple u.s. athletes as well. all victims of cyber sabotage. is russia behind this and what exactly would be their goal. that's next. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again
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2016 could turn out to be the year of the campaign hacks. buzz feed reported the website d.c. leaks managed to get a hold of colin powell's e-mails. that site has reported ties to russian intelligence services. more dnc documents including tim kaine's cell phone number were released yesterday by the hacker guccifer 2.0. i want to bring in msnbc's
7:21 am
terrorism analyst malcolm nance now. what are we seeing here? if these reports are true, why does russia seem so intent on hacking u.s. service and leaking that information about the campaign? >> we, i believe the reports actually are true. and what russia's strategic objective here. it may seem a little funny to americans but this is an operation they carried out throughout eastern europe. compromising a political campaign. they not only intend to put their thumb on the scale the u.s. election, they're making pretty clear their choice of candidate and what they've done is carried out a hostile government intelligence collection operation using the fsb soviet russian intelligence sorry, and the gru, russian intelligence, and hacked the entirety of the machine to get compromising information they can use to support trump campaign. >> it would be reasonable to assume we would be seeing more
7:22 am
of this information revealed over the next few weeks leading up to the campaign, no? >> yes, and it's very interesting. we will be seeing more. they hacked, like i said, the dnc, the dccc. they attempted the hillary clinton campaign. the conservatives they hacked were all conservatives who had opposition to russian policies overseas or, like colin powell who had information that they believed was damaging to hillary clinton. we're talking about his comments about donald trump. but they released other information where he criticized the clinton campaign on minor, you know, style sort of points. so i expect to see more. the information they may release that might become the october surprise might actually have false documented intelligence that a russian intelligence agency would change in there in order to make a surprise. >> more than these campaign hacks though, fancy bear, guccifer 2.0. both believed to be tied to
7:23 am
russia. they're also said to be behind these attacks of the world doping agency as well leaking medical records of prominent olympic athletes. why do that? >> you really have to see how these two agencies. the code names given by crowd strike to their intelligence collection teams. fancy bear for the gru and cozy bear for the fsb. they've been going out and doing these straw tookic information attacks over the last ten years. we're not the first victims of this. estonia, ukraine, georgia, the world doping agency. it's interest the files they stole from the doping agency were the prominent african-american olympians, you know, including serena williams and the gymnast. it's very interesting, they use information as a weapons system as part of their political
7:24 am
operations. vladimir putin understands power politics and the concept of perception management and this is a straw teengic campaign against all united states interests. >> malcolm nancy, thanks as always. a five-point lead over hillary clinton, we'll tell you where. and why it might not last. first, tropical storm is bearing down on the south. tropical storm julia formed overnight off the coast of florida and southern georgia bringing at least one tornado, also some heavy rain. parts of georgia and south carolina could see 3 to 6 inches of rain and as much as 10 inches could fall in some areas. the national weather service calling julia the first ever tropical storm to form over land in florida. ♪ ♪
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there's a new poll out and it shows donald trump has a five-point lead other hillary clinton in the key swing state of ohio. that's just days after another poll showed clinton had a significant lead in the buckeye state. ohio of course one of those must-win states. nbc news senior political editor mark murray is here. this would seem to be a huge turnaround. >> ohio is so important. let's look at the numbers. donald trump has a five-point lead among likely voters. i think why so many people find this poll a little bit shocking is days earlier we ended up seeing this poll from cbs news and u gov, hillary clinton with a seven-point lead. let me walk you through the differences. going back to the bloomberg poll, this was conducted september 9 through the 12th. when you end up going into the
7:29 am
cbs poll, it was before the health scare. so timing does end up mattering on this. one other thing that matters is the party identification. in this bloomberg poll, you had republicans with a seven-point lead and party identification. that is that there were seven points more republican than democrats in this poll so you have a more republican leaning electorate. when you go to the cbs poll, what ended up happening was democrats had a seven-point lead in party reblgs tration. so, you know, there are a lot of things going on. the pollster who conducted bloomberg is one of the very best going on. it's important to realize this is why we have ohio as a tossup race. sometimes one poll benefits one candidate and another poll benefits the other. we just have to see how the next eight weeks shake out. >> our most recent survey poll what does it say? >> it doesn't say anything about
7:30 am
ohio, it's a national poll. when you look at national polls and you see maybe hillary clinton has a seven-point lead nationally, normally, ohio really matches where the national polls are. that's the reason why they're battleground states. same thing for florida. if we go into, we'll look to see where are all our battleground states? we were talking about ohio here. that's a tossup. same thing for florida. we have it for iowa. here is to me donald trump's biggest challenge. our map has hillary clinton with 272 electoral votes. enough to be able to win it. donald trump has to win all of these tossup races. >> all of them. >> plus go into some place in her territory. that is his challenge. he's had a really good last two or three weeks but he has to have more of that to be able to dent in her lead. >> mark murray at the map. that could be a name of a show. we'll be spending a lot of time
7:31 am
with you. this morning, msnbc kicking off its battleground america tour. we're going to look at the most pressing issues in key swing states that could play a major role on election day. one of the battlegrounds, north carolina, where early voting is a hot but the be issue. sunday voting has historically been beneficial to african-american voters where many would vote after church services. souls to the polls. last week, though, the court eliminated sunday voting in nine counties and left it intact in 12 other counties. today, we'll learn if major social justice groups will be taking the fight back to court. nbc's chris jansing joins us now from winston salem, north carolina. i know you've spoken to some local pastors there about this. what did they tell you? >> i talked to folks from predominantly black churches here.
7:32 am
a lot of folks thought this fight was over because a federal court threw out what they said was an overly restrictive haul. they said it targeted black voters with surgical precision. having said that,s what happened was this went back to the counties where in every county there are two republicans and a democrat on the board. most of them have gone back to where they were in 2012. not so in forsythe county where it's one of the places where they have lost that sunday ability too souls to the polls. get thousands of people out to vote. here's what two pastors told me about their reaction. they say it brings up bad memories of history. >> it feels like a bunch of crap. in 2016, we expected to be further than we are. >> people gave up their lives and spent time in jail, were
7:33 am
hosed and sicced dogs on. we want to make sure we don't have to go back there again. >> this is incredibly tight race between donald trump and hillary clinton. look at what happened the last two times in the presidential election. this state was one of the closest states in the country. .5% in one of those elections. so every vote truly matters in north carolina. chelsea clinton was here yesterday. she's here again this morning. hillary clinton getting back out on the campaign trail tomorrow. she'll come here to north carolina. >> battleground north carolina for us this morning. chris, thank you. right now, republican nominee, donald trump, he has arrived for that taping of dr. oz. a lot of folks were under the impression he might be reeb leasing those medical reports on
7:34 am
the show. we learned that will not be the case. they are said to be talking about just general well being. more on what we might hear and what we won't hear from that taping when we come back. our microchips are getting so small and fast... they're taking on far bigger roles. completely transforming the world we live in. enabling entirely new kinds of technologies. and helping keep this country safe, all thanks to our full breadth of capabilities. because to us, a microchip's impact should be anything but micro. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman
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colin powell breaking what's largely been silence on the 2016 race but someone's doing it for him. the former secretary of state seeing some of his personal e-mails publicized after a hacker broke into his computer. among other things, powell calling donald trump a, quote, national disgrace, who fueled the birther movement he labeled as racist. in a later statement to nbc news, powell says, quote, the hackers have a lot more of his e-mails. with me now, the former deputy assistant secretary of state. worked there under colin powell, if i remember correctly, is that right? >> that's right, craig. great to be with you, thank you.
7:38 am
>> knowing what you know about the general, what surprises you in these e-mails? >> well, it's wonderful to have colin powell on the record now saying publicly in essence what he was thinking privately. many of us in the national security community were waiting with bated breath to hear colin powell's public words about this race. now we have it and it's clear. colin powell has laid out very clearly that donald trump is a national disgrace and a threat to our national security. and this is undoubted -- should not be
7:39 am
why has it -- why hasn't he been more public with his disdain for donald trump? why hasn't he said some of this stuff publicly? >> it's been a very interesting debate behind the scenes in the military community. it was about a week or so prior to most recent election in 2012. he tends to wait, not get in the middle of this. the time is now, the floodgates have been open. it's crucial for those who care about america's role in the world. proliferating nuclear weapons, starting indiscriminate wars. and this hopefully will tip the balance and have others like his former deputy richard armitage who came out and supported hillary clinton, to support those as well. >> there's a chance colin powell
7:40 am
could still publicly endorse before the thing is over. in another e-mail, joel, this one to condoleezza rice, he called the benghazi hearings a, quote, stupid witch-hunt, and she agreed. doesn't that feed right into the hands of what hillary clinton has said from day one on this? >> we, it's not news to me. as you know. i testified to the committee in 2015. and that was my impression. my testimony there. it did not feel like it was an honest congressional hearing. it did feel like a witch-hunt. it's continued. it failed when they had secretary clinton testify last year. they were not able to get her in any meaningful way on any of the conspiracy theories they have been proposing. so, yes, $7 million, several years of taxpayer time, congressional attention for essentially nothing. so i'm glad that secretary powell said that in the e-mail. again, it's helpful to have this publicly aired. >> if they hack into your e-mails, what will we see? >> well, they'll see what i say
7:41 am
here so it will all be good. >> thank you, joel. >> thank you. >> donald trump returning to battleground michigan today, renewing his outreach to african-american voters. he is set to visit water crisis stricken flint, do they want him here? making history at the library of congress today. described as a rock star. carla hayden will now become the first woman and the first african-american to lead the library of congress. supreme court justice chief justice john roberts will be swearing her in. the chief librarian. she becomes just the 14th librarian of congress. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology
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7:43 am
how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
7:44 am
dueling news conferences surrounding the contaminated water crisis facing flint michigan. on one, that's capitol hill, where lawmakers are demanding
7:45 am
action. right side of your screen, a news conference in flint, michigan. that's where residents are pushing back on being used as political pawns. that's because donald trump is heading to michigan today, he is set to visit a water plant. emblematic of the infrastructure crisis in this country that's put many poor, minority residents at risk. flint's mayor in washington, seeking funding to help fix that city's crisis. she issued this statement about the trump visit. she said, in part, quote, flint is focused on fixing the problems caused by led contamination of our drinking water, not photo ops. blake mccoy is in flint for us. what do we know about donald trump's visit there this afternoon? >> we know the mayor doesn't want him here for one. in fact, she says herffe wasn't even notified about
7:46 am
trump's last-minute visit to flint michigan. she's not even here today. she's in washington, d.c. to push for more federal funding right now. so they're caught off guard by this. you can see more protesters here. these are local union leaders who are also protesting trump's visit, calling it a photo open. saying we're now 60 days out from the election and now trump pretends to care about flint, michigan. so people here are a little perplexed about the visit and why it's happening so last minute. this is what the mayor had to say, though, in washington, d.c. she wants the focus to stay on the problems happening in flint, take a listen. >> we're in flint michigan, in the great lakes state that has access to the largest fresh water source in the world. but in flint, we still don't have clean drinking water. and it's sad. and it should be, you know, it's unconscionable we have entered
7:47 am
into year three, that we can't turn on our faucet and have clean water. that should be unheard of for a city that's in these united states of america. >> she says they're looking for solutions, not photo ops. so when donald trump visits here today, he's definitely coming into unfriendly territory. this is a heavily african-american community. one that definitely skews towards democrats, the mayor who you just heard from has endorsed hillary clinton and even spoke at the democratic national convention. as far as specificings, he's expected to land at 1:30 here today. the initial plan was to visit this water treatment plant and then go into a neighborhood. we don't know if that's going to change in light of the mayor and some other people's criticisms. >> craig mccoy on the ground ahead of that visit, thank you. let's bring in political analyst john walsh, columnist for the reno gazette journal. let's go back to the news of the day here. the medical histories of the
7:48 am
candidates. both candidates. has come front and center now after hillary clinton's health scare and the pneumonia diagnosis. this is what harry reid had to say about donald trump, take a listen. >> look at this character that's running for president. he complains about her health. what does he do? he's 70 years old. he's not slim and trim. he brags about eating fast food every day. look at his health a little bit. >> now we find out it doesn't appear that donald trump's going to be releasing those medical records on dr. oz, despite what a lot of folks were led to believe. john, how real is the possibility that there's something in trump's medical history, something in his records, that might have folks scratching their heads? >> craig, look at where we are in this presidential race where we have our own harry reid essentially calling donald trump fat and worrying he's eating too
7:49 am
much fast food, which by the way is an obsession of harry reid's, people not eating right. listen, this is all just pure speculation. we don't know what hillary clinton's health really is. she says she has pneumonia. maybe she just has pneumonia. maybe donald trump is very healthy, craig. this is what has been fueled by the way both of these campaigns have conducted themselves. as you mentioned, supposedly trump's records were going to be revealed on dr. oz and now he's not. he had his campaign manager, by the way, in what was widely reported yesterday, he said in an interview, isn't everyone entitled to a right of privacy. an absolutely ridiculous thing for her to have said. both of them should have done what john mccain did, which is essentially let the press see all their medical records. especially since both of them are around 70 years old. it is a legitimate question to ask. >> let's talk about where you are, las vegas, hillary clinton supposed to campaign there today. bill clinton taking her place
7:50 am
instead. what's the s there? and -- well, we've got it up for you right there. it's within 1 percentage point. are you surprised it's essentially tied? >> i was surprised hillary clinton has not pulled significant can'tly ahead of trump. president obama president obama won the state by double digits in '08. this is a state with a burgeoning hispanic population. the turnout may be higher than ever. people are predicting maybe 20% of the electorate. she is crushing him among hispanics here of course. but trump is keeping it close because nevada has a large population of uneducated voters. and they support trump. very few people with college degrees -- there's significant population, craig that don't have high school degrees. let's face it, nevada hasn't completely recovered from the
7:51 am
recession. it was as hard hit by the reception. there is that aspect. there's essentially three 9/11s. clark county, las vegas where i'm sitting, which is heavily democratic. the rural counties are very conservative and will vote heavily for trump. washo county where reno is a swing county. so he's hanging on here. >> john ralston, thank you. hillary clinton receipts up off the trouble. president obama loosens his tie and steps in. can the campaigner in chief, can he fire up the base? >> i keep on reading this analysis that, well, you know, trump's got support from, like, working folks. really? like this is the guy you want?
7:52 am
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hillary clinton off the trail right now of course, she's been off the trail since sunday. she got some unquestioned
7:55 am
support. president obama campaigning in philadelphia yesterday for secretary clinton, calling for democrats to get out and vote. >> don't boo, vote. don't boo, vote. booing is easy. i need you to vote. he calls himself a business guy. but america's got a lot of business men and women who succeeded without hiding their tax returns. leaving a trail of lawsuits. workers who didn't get paid. people feeling like they got cheated. >> let's bring in pennsylvania democrat congressman brendan boyle. congressman, good to see you. thank you for being with me. there was this column in "the washington post" yesterday that said hillary clinton is hindered by an enthusiasm gap there in pennsylvania. how wide is the gap?
7:56 am
>> you know, i don't see that. i have to say that things were pretty close up until philadelphia hosted the democratic convention. it was a very successful convention. after that, you saw clinton to an almost 10-point lead and she has solidly led since then. it's probably back to closer what we were expecting, five points. that id sa, i don't see an enthusiasm gap and frankly between obama on the positive side and trump on the negative side, there's plenty for pennsylvania democrats to be motivated about this election. >> you mentioned donald trump, he was also in pennsylvania yesterday. he laid out the basics of his child care plan. take a listen. >> the first part of my child care plan allows for every parent or family in america including adoptive parents and foster parent guardians, to deduct their child care expenses from their income taxes. that's a first.
7:57 am
we have to reject the arrogance of washington, d.c. that looks down on everyday, hard-working people and that's what's happening. >> he also went on to call for paid maternity leave as well. democrats have been calling on trump for months now to provide some details on his policies. he seems to have done that. what's your reaction to his child care proposal? >> i'm glad to see donald has come up with some concerete pla. it sounds more like a democratic plan in terms of supporting child care. the fact is when you compare -- forget democrats, when you compare republican nominees over the last 40 years, he has the thinnest policy proposals. just go to his website. they're almost zero up there. it's remarkable he's gotten this far in mid-september and he's right now beginning to unveil some of his concrete proposals. i think most people see through that. >> if that's the case, though,
7:58 am
if most people see through it, why does he continue to poll so well? if there are so few details on his website, why do you think it is so many people just don't really seem to care? >> yeah, well, i wouldn't say he's polling well. why isn't a five or six-point range. i think it's testament to the fact we're living in a time much like the late 1800s that was very polarized and the two parties are very close. i tend to think almost republican nominee would have at least 40% of the vote and it's the same with the democratic nominee. we're living really ever since 2000 or so, we're living in a pretty fixed map that kind of guaranteed we are going to have relatively close elections. that said, i do think my home state of pennsylvania, i think the nation will go to hillary clinton by about four or five points. it's really hard for me to see how donald trump actually gets it from reasonably close to taking the lead with unfavorable ratings in the low 60s. >> congressman boyle, you want
7:59 am
to put your neck out there and give me something on the eagles season? >> carson wentz looked very good. the nfc east is down this year. eagles win nfc east at 9-7. >> wow, you just made some news there. >> go, eagles. >> congressman, a healthy detachment from the sports reality, but congressman, thank you. that's going to wrap up this hour of msnbc live. i'm craig melvin. tam ron hall is here. she'll pick things up now. >> a lot going on, thanks, craig. right now on msnbc, donald trump has scrapped his plans to discuss his medical exam on the dr. oz show after trump said he would take tests and release results. why are we seeing the change now? this comes as trump is set to visit flint, michigan today. seven months after hillary clinton made a visit. and trump's visit comes after officials confirm the tap water was toxic. this happened back in january 2015.
8:00 am
it also, by the way, never came up in a gop debate. plus, hillary clinton is set to return to the campaign trail tomorrow. clinton will stop at the battleground state of north carolina and in the city that lost several ncaa championship games due to an anti-lgbt law. and the other big story, hackers reveal colin powell's personal e-mails. the former secretary of state calls -- in one emay, he calls trump a, quote, national disgrace, and says the birther movement is racist. now general powell warns the hackers have, quote, a lot more. i'm tamron hall live from msnbc headquarters in new york. we're following several breaking developments this morning in the presidential race. happening right now in new york city, donald trump is taping an appearance on the dr. oz show. all week, trump was expected to release the results of a recent physical on that show. now things have changed. >> this last


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